What to bring for your corporate year-end meeting?

Use this list as a guide for the most common items we require to prepare your corporate year-end. Some items may not apply to you.

Copies of external documents required:

• Bank statement(s) for all bank accounts as of the year-end date
• Investment information (broker statements, summary of capital gains/losses summary of dividends and interest income)
• Prepaid expense listing
• Details of capital assets additions and disposals (including cost and proceeds of a disposal)
• GST and PST returns for the year
• Source deduction remittance form (PD7) for the period covering year-end
• Copies of Federal and Provincial Notices of (Re) Assessment issued during the year
• Copies of Federal and Provincial Statements of account showing current year-end installments
• Copy of loan agreements negotiated/renewed during the year
• T4 Summary and T Slips for last calendar year (unless prepared by us)
• T5 Summary and T Slips for last calendar year (unless prepared by us)
• Signed Engagement letter (unless already returned to us)
• Any other relevant documentation

If a soft copy of your accounting data is not provided, the following reports are required at year-end date:

• Trial Balance
• Balance Sheet
• Income Statement
• Bank reconciliation for the last month of the year
• Accounts Receivable Listing, identifying any doubtful accounts
• Inventory Listing, identifying any obsolete items
• Accounts Payable Listing
• General Ledger Listing

If bookkeeping is required as part of your year-end, please provide us with the following:

• Copies of all bank statements and cancelled cheques for the year for all accounts (active or inactive)
• Copies of invoices for revenue
• Copies of credit card statements for the year