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Bookkeeping involves the organized tracking of financial transactions and records for businesses or individuals, ensuring accurate financial reporting and compliance by monitoring things such as income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. At 1917 CPA, our Calgary-based bookkeeping services establish the groundwork for financial analysis and decision-making. We achieve this by harnessing efficient solutions like Cloud Accounting to guarantee precise financial reporting and compliance.

Choose 1917 CPA as Your Calgary Bookkeeper If You:

Have a shoebox full of receipts?

Keep losing track of your financial records?

Don’t know where you’re money is going?

Are unable to file your taxes properly?

Are not getting the tax returns you think you deserve?

Don’t feel comfortable with your current bookkeeper?

Stay Organized With Our Bookkeeping Services in Calgary

Cloud Accounting
Cloud accounting offers real-time financial data access for our bookkeeping service via the internet, enhancing collaboration, scalability, and security for businesses managing their finances online efficiently. This easily connects your books to our tax accounting services.
Expense and Income Tracking
Expense and income tracking involves recording all financial transactions to monitor business performance, optimize budgeting, and ensure accurate financial reporting and tax compliance. Ideal for bookkeeping for small businesses who don’t have an accounting department.

Focus On Your Business, Not Your Books.

Why Choose Us?

Choose 1917 CPA for personalized, transparent bookkeeping services tailored to Calgary businesses. Our hands-on approach, coupled with advanced cloud accounting technology, seamlessly streamlines your financial management. Moreover, with fair pricing, prompt responses, and a commitment to nurturing enduring partnerships, we go beyond simplifying your bookkeeping tasks. This allows you to focus on business growth while we handle financial intricacies with precision and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For most clients, we bundle monthly bookkeeping with your year-end engagement. The fees start at $500/month, which includes bookkeeping, year-end financial statements, year-end corporate tax returns, and most other tax-related matters to complete your corporate year-end. Fees increase based on the number of bank accounts, number of transactions, complexity, and size.

Our favourite is Quickbooks Online (QBO). QBO easily handles financial input from small businesses. We have also worked with large businesses and found that QBO is more than sufficient. As an extra bonus, if you sign up through us, you get a discount on your monthly QBO subscription.

As long as your records are well organized, you can use any method you choose. We still see clients use paper ledgers from time to time, which also works for us! The key is to stay on top of your bookkeeping and not let it get away from you. It is fairly simple to do a month of bookkeeping; however, if you leave it to quarterly or yearly all at once, it can become quite a burden.

We work with software such as DEXT to help marry your receipts and bookkeeping in one seamless electronic package. You simply take pictures of your receipts, email them to DEXT, and then we can help publish those receipts to your accounting (ie QBO). In that case, your QBO not only has all of your transactions, but it also has all of your receipts. We call that being “bulletproof” if the CRA ever comes knocking.