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Most small business require what is called a Notice to Reader, or “NTR”. An NTR is a compilation of your accounting information which culminates into financial statements.
The compilation process does not involve reviewing or auditing your numbers/receipts, therefore this tends to be the most relevant and cost-effective for small businesses.


In order to prepare the NTR, we will require bookkeeping. This can be achieved in several different ways:

Do it yourself (DIY)-  we can help you learn the tools be able to summarize your annual activity on your own.

Hire a bookkeeper-    maybe you know someone that is organized and is proficient at bookkeeping. You are more than welcome to hire your own bookkeeping.

Let us help you-           we are happy to do this for you. We will take care of your annual bookkeeping at a reasonable rate.

Corporate Tax

Let us help you understand the ever-changing corporate tax regime. We are constantly learning about new tax changes, and keeping up on strategies to help you defer and save taxes. As part of a Notice to Reader, we generally provide:

  • Preparation of your T2 Federal tax return
  • Preparation of your provincial corporate tax return
  • Preparation of your annual GST return
  • Preparation of T4 or T5 information returns

Personal Tax

With improvements in technology, people will often say to us, "can't I just do this myself?" Our answer... Yes! If you are comfortable preparing your own tax return, we support you.

For those people who are not comfortable preparing their own tax return, or for people that need guidance on more complex tax issues such as: investments, rental properties, or self employment, we are here for you. We will make sure that you understand the complexities of your tax return, and we will prepare and file the return on your behalf.

We are in your corner. Our number one job is to make sure that you stay onside with your taxes, and to ensure you have taken advantage of all available deductions and credits.

"The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax" - Albert Einstein

Other Services

Are you behind on your tax?

We understand that life happens and sometimes people fall behind on their taxes. Let us help you get caught up on your taxes, and stay caught up!

Voluntary disclosure

The Canada Revenue Agency's voluntary disclosure program lets taxpayers essentially "come clean" about errors or omissions on previously filed returns. If you meet certain conditions, the CRA will allow you to amend these returns without penalty. For more information on this, see Voluntary Disclosures.

CRA Reviews

As part of Canada's self-assessment tax system, the CRA regularly audits certain areas of a tax return. Knowing exactly how to respond to the CRA is more of an art than a science. Let us help you respond to the CRA's request to ensure you get the desired outcome.

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We like all things tax. Please feel free to email or call to find out if we provide the service you are looking for.

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